BioAccess v2 – Time Attendance Recorder

BioEnable launches BioAccess v2 model of its popular BioAccess Time attendance recorder. BioAccess v2 is powered with advanced features and come with quality & service assurance form BioEnable.

BioAccess v2 offers the fastest fingerprint identification and verification speed in the industry and features intelligent fingerprint recognition technology for the first time. It automatically learns and adapts to the changes in the fingerprints, leading to lowest false rejections in the industry.

BioAccess v2 come with Fast TCP/IP network communication as well as popular USB Flash Disk function to download/upload users and attendance logs. It can be used in offices as well as at factories, construction sites and service industry. BioEnable also plan to launch more advanced versions of BioAccess in near future.

BioAccess V3 – Fastest Fingerprint Scanner

v3 HomeDesigned and produced using the International Leading Technology named “Fingerprint Self Learning” , the terminal could automatically get adapted for different environments, even injured fingerprint, and could achieve once enroll, all lifetime use. It adopts fingerprint total reflection collector that is most mature optical collector in the world whose surface is scratch-resistant and anti-abrasiv






NAC 5000 – Standalone Fingerprint Access Control

nac5000dig 300x258 HomeNAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint access controller, which comes with NITGEN’S superior own algorithm, large LCD& touch screen. It is very convenient and innovative design, it’s a market leader in access control with high value. NITGEN’S fingerprint algorithm enables to high speed authentication, NAC-5000 is  designed for large scale of security system using TCP/IP & wireless LAN.






NAC2500-High Speed Fingerprint Access Controller

nac2500 300x2961 HomeDesigned and produced using outstanding fingerprint recognition technology NAC2500 fingerprint recognition Access control system is capable of speedy and accurate authentication of fingerprint data. With this product have we made it possible for you to build a more improved and efficient security system for a lower installation cost. in addition, this product offers you enterprise level entry management and employees’ work hour management with its LAN communication-based network structure and enhanced server management program.






NAC 3000 – Fingerprint Access Control Security System

nac3000 HomeFingerprint Access Controller (NAC-3000) is the state of the art biometric system by adopting fingerprint technology, which has very excellent biometric security and user’s convineance. Designed and manufactured with the sensor and algorithm devloped by nitegen’s superior biometric technology , it has very accurate and speedy fingerprint recognition rate while a user can build very robust security system at inexpensive cost. Also if using server management program of which network configuration and functions have been strengthened, you may advantageously apply it for Access Control System and Time and Attendance Management of  enterprise level.




KC 35 – Mifare Card Reader Based Time Attendance And Access Control System

kc35 HomeDesigned and produced using outstanding Smart Card recognition technology, KC-35 Time Attendance and Access Control System is capable of speedy and accurate authentication. It has got TCP/IP (Ethernet) connectivity with USB Disk for easy data download. With a capacity of storing 10,000 Cards. It has got inbuilt battery back-up for uninterrupted working even in case of power failure


NDL 600 Door Lock

ndl 176x300 HomeDoor watch is a state of the art finger print identification door lock and offers the extreme security and user convenience by adopting superior biometric technology instead of password, card, key method that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember.









Login 300x123 HomeVisitor Management software keeps track on the visitor who are coming in the organisation. With the emerging requirement from customer, BioEnable has recently devloped visitor management software through which visitors can be easily trace out. The software is mainly designed from the need to track the visitors so that administrator can check through the report at what time visitor comes within the organisation and upto what time he is within the premises.

Classroom Attendance System

Attendance Systems are becoming more and more popular these days. Reason being the ease of use and efficient management of human resources. Most importantly, it enables you to get rid of the unnecessary paperwork which always has been a very complicated and a time consuming process.Various types of attendance systems are available today in the market. We at bioenable technologies have developed our own attendance management system which can be used by schools to automate their attendance process. Our classroom attendance system is very easy and convenient to use.

BioDesk – Fingerprint Time Attendance Software

1269533704 82950419 1 Pictures of BioDesk Fingerprint based Time Attendance Software 300x217 HomeBiodesk is a fingerprint recognition based software for registration and verification of employees, visitors, members, etc… It can be used in offices and organizations (even if users are less than 50) to verify people at entrance desk to establish their secure identity.
In order to use BioDesk ” USB fingkey hamster” is used. This USB fingkey hamster allows registration of one or more fingers per user for secure identity. The registration process is very simple and is made possible through feature rich software. User photograph at the time of registration is taken through a webcam.