BioEnable SmartSuite

Work From Home Software

Most advanced AI-based Remote Workforce Management & Employee Monitoring solution for work-at-home compliance and security.

Effective solution for remote teams and individuals working from home. Stay connected, engaged and productive


BioEnable has also come up with the Artificial Intelligence based Facial Recognition Solution for real-time Attendance and Desktop Monitoring to improve work efficiency for Work From Home, during the lockdown. Following are the major components of the system

  • Desktop Monitoring tools
  • Cloud based Dashboards and Reports
  • Compatible with windows and Linux

Realtime Employee Monitoring

Analyse employee activity and discover how work gets done

Optimise Productivity

Manage with Insight

Empower Employees

How its work

Desktop Monitoring and AI based Work Recognition Technology

  • Central Bot based screen grabber, captures screens from all connected computers and processes the screens through a AI based processor, pre-trained with standard work procedures of the company.
  • All computers, are installed with agents, which uses state of art compression to upload these screens to the server.
  • Web based interface to access these screens any time, if needed, Remote access can be taken, Can send OS commands
  • Agents support Windows 8 and above, Linux(Ubuntu 14 and above) Operating Systems
  • User management to create multiple teams, Team heads can manage respective Team’s desktops

Cloud based Dashboards & Reports - (For Staff and Admins)

Standard Features

  • Location Tracking
  • Internet Activity Monitoring
  • Automatic time tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Work time monitoring
  • Cloud based dashboards
  • Offline time tracking
  • Working Hrs. reports
  • Screenshot Exports

Optional Features

  • Continuous Identity Verification
  • Using AI based Facial recognition
  • Screen Brightness Alert
  • Live camera verification
  • Unauthorized person detection alert
  • Mobile/Camera detection alert

App in Action

  • App based Enrollments for Face and optionally background can also be registered
  • Staff can view their own reports and dashboard
  • App based attendance by capturing selfie images is also available