Time Attendance Products

BioEnable is the Sole Authorized Distributor of Biometrics Products from NITGen, Korea (www.nitgen.com) - Worlds Biggest Manufacturer Of Biometric Products.

Fingkey Access ΙΙ Fingerprint Access Control System is capable of speedy authentication with LFD function (Live Finger Detection)

Fingerprint access control, Fingerprint attendance system, Biometric fingerprint access control, Access controller Software

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Nitgen T9 Facial Recognition System Includes Face Detection & Recognition System

Face Attendance System, Face based Access Control System, Nitgen Biometrics, Facial attendance machine, Contactless Biometric Products 

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BioEnable B20

Fingerprint Time Attendance with Access Control System machine series is to adopt the most advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm, In the environment of climate change, peeling finger, or finger injury, in the case of full fingerprint recognition capabilities significantly improve and achieved full fingerprint Verification speed less than 1.0 seconds.  

Face based Attendance, Face Access Control System, Touchless Biometric Products , Face Recognition time attendance System

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Touchless Employee Attendance

High End Recognition Terminal

Enhance workplace security and streamline access control with the UBio-X series products. Safeguard your employees, secure your office space, and simplify front desk accessibility. Choose UBio-X for comprehensive protection and seamless access management.


The non-contact facial recognition system will detect your employees every time they enter or leave the building and save the ID.


High-definition infrared lenses can identify and verify the presence of personal protective equipment (masks) on employees’ faces.


Use supported non-contact thermal imaging cameras to instantly screen employees’ body temperatures and detect potential increases.

UBio-X Face

Face Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Face, our state-of-the-art face access control and time attendance terminal. With its powerful facial recognition capabilities, this innovative device can accurately identify faces from a distance of up to 3 meters. Experience seamless authentication as users effortlessly walk through access gates. Enhance your security and efficiency with UBio-X Face.

UBio-X Pro

Advance Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro, the cutting-edge face authentication system featuring the world's highest performance facial recognition algorithm. This advanced solution is equipped with a high-definition camera for lightning-fast matching speed without compromising accuracy. Elevate your security and streamline authentication processes with UBio-X Pro.

UBio-X Pro 2

High-End Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

Contactless Face Recognition System - UBio-X Pro 2. With the latest Face Recognition algorithm technology, this advanced system supports Walk-Through and multiple Face Authentication. Upgrade your security measures with UBio-X Pro 2 for seamless and efficient face recognition.

UBio-X Pro Lite

Prime Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Pro Lite. With enhanced facial recognition algorithms and advanced performance functions, UBio-X Pro Lite ensures accurate and efficient authentication. Upgrade your security with UBio-X Pro Lite for reliable face recognition capabilities.

UBio-X Iris

Advanced Iris & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal

UBio-X Iris, the cutting-edge access control and time attendance terminal that offers exceptional iris recognition capabilities. With a remarkable range of up to 50cm, UBio-X Iris provides fast and accurate authentication, even in challenging scenarios such as users wearing glasses, masks, protective clothing, niqub, hijab, and more. Upgrade your security system with UBio-X Iris for reliable and convenient iris authentication.

UBio-X Slim

Elegance and Sleek Premium Design Card & Fingerprint Recognition

UBio-X Slim, a powerful access control and time attendance terminal with advanced features. This slim device is equipped with a high-performance Quad Core CPU, 1.4GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 8GB flash memory for efficient and fast authentication processing. Experience accurate fingerprint authentication with the UBio-X Slim and enhance your security system.