Watchman AI for Social Distancing

AI powered Video Analytics

On Premise or Cloud based Video Analytics for your IP cameras & CCTV systems

More Than Video Security

Acquire valuable, new insights with integrated security cameras and IoT sensors.

Flexible Cloud Storage

With optional cloud storage, ensure that your most important events are always securely saved.

Custom Smart Alerts

Receive timely alerts straight to your mobile device, email, Slack, and more.

Enterprise Integrations

Gain more value from your investment. Integrate with your favorite applications and move beyond basic video security.

AI for cost-effective remote video monitoring

Visive is the search engine behind cost-effective video surveillance. It connects any camera to state-of-the-art Machine Learning to power modern video monitoring solutions with the efficiency and flexibility advantages of hybrid edge/cloud SaaS

Fully Integrated Physical Security for Modern Organizations

  • Cloud-based security cameras with industry-leading performance

  • Asset tags to track when valuable items go missing

  • Door sensors that notify you when entry points are vulnerable

  • Environmental sensors to monitor temperature and humidity


Any Device

Open to all H.264 video streams—including those you already have. Record with any IP camera, NVR, VMS, or computer

Smart Search

Zero-in on moments that matter in seconds with real-time video search. e.g. [bikes on sidewalk

Personalized Alerts

Search-based video alerts tell you whenever something important happens that matches your query

Secure Live Streaming

Stream without the botnets because no inbound network ports are open

Unlimited Storage

Save 30-90+ days of video in the cloud, regardless of its resolution. It’s bandwidth-efficient too

Unlimited Guests

Add trusted colleagues as Guests. Or, selectively share via links like [people in blue at east stairs

How does surveillance work ?

  • Most organizations have CCTV surveillance systems installed

  • 99% of the organizations do not have manual monitoring of the videos. They only have supervision staff to ensure all cameras are working and review past videos if any event occur.

  • Watchman AI bring intelligence to the Videos. Its a software that can process the video continuously for many tasks

  • It can detect most movable things like people, carts, vehicles, animals in the videos

  • It can further calculate Number of people per square meter of space and also distance between people

  • This is done using advancements in Computer Visions & Artificial Intelligence Based Video surveillance

  • Video can be processed in Real Time for any events or can be reviewed later for compliance

  • The system will generate a overall score of compliance based on total no. of persons detected. Organization with low compliance score will be asked to reduce No. of persons in their premises.

NEW Social distancing and mask detection

  • Organizations like Malls, Railway stations, AIrports can be mandated to install such AI based surveillance system to monitor Social distancing

  • Local governments can set up a data center where they may ask thousands of organizations to upload their CCTV videos for compliance checks. This will ensure higher compliance even if real time surveillance systems are not installed.

  • Factories & Offices shall be also required to install such system or use cloud based compliance systems

  • Outdoor public places will be monitored using cameras installed by local authorities

Asset Tags and Sensors

Combine video footage with asset tracking and sensors for deeper insights

Facial Recognition Powered by Rhombus AI

Receive alerts for motion, specific faces or unidentified people

Enterprise Integrations

Connect with your favorite tools and get more from your video security

Facial Recognition Powered by Rhombus AI

Store footage on-camera and have a real-time backup in the cloud


  • No DVR/NVRs, hard drives, or servers

  • All-in-one, plug-and-play camera

  • Install and set-up in minutes

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use


  • No open inbound ports

  • 3rd party security audits

  • End-to-end encryption

  • Automatic firmware updates


  • Thousands of cameras, one console

  • Access from browser or mobile

  • Enterprise/IT Integrations

  • User and role management

Object Detection Images