Sales FAQ's

1. Are you looking for Time Attendance or Access controller or combination of both?

We have below range of products like-

  1. Biometric Time Attendance
  2. Biometric Access Control
  3. Combination of Time Attendance & Access Control
  4. Other

2. Mode of Authentication required?

We have various range of products with Multi Mode of Authentication like-

  1. RF Card
  2. Fingerprint
  3. FACE
  4. IRIS
  5. OR Combination of Multi Biometrics

3. For how many users (employees)do you require this device?

  1. Ans:- We have Suitable range of products for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises as given below-
  2. Upto 200 Users >> BioEnable range of Products for Single Location without centralization of Data.
  3. Upto 200<500 >> BioEnable Range of Products for eg :- B20 / Nitgen Products With Multi Location Centralization Possibility.
  4. More than 500 >> Nitgen Range of products.

4. Preferred Mode of Communication Type for connectivity of device?

We have Multi mode of Communication Like Wired/ Wireless -

  • LAN
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPRS

5. Battery Back Required?

We have Inbuilt Feature for Battery Backup which gives upto 2hrs standby time in Bioenable range of products.

  • YES
  • NO

6. For how many locations required?

We have range of products to manage attendance from single location up to 2000 terminals with real time centralization across globe.

  • Single Location
  • Multi location
  • Multi Location with Centralized Data at HO Office

7. For how many Gate points or Entry points?

It will help us to Suggest Appropriate Product or model as per the Gate Entry & Exit Points at your Organizations

  1. Single Gate Point
  • Door Type(Glass / Wooden / Aluminium type)

2. More than 2 Gate Point

  • Door Type(Glass / Wooden / Aluminium type)

8. Do you have Report Generation / Time & Attendance Software, If any?

We have below Time & Attendance with Basic Payroll / Report Generation Software like-

  • If YES, please mention the Existing Software and the hardware details you are using.
  • If NO, Please let us know you require Time & Attendance with Basic Payroll Software

Desktop Based / Web Based / Android Based Application.

Please fill up the inquiry form , Our sales team will contact you shortly

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