Sales FAQ's

  1. Are you looking for Time Attendance or Access controller or combination of both?

Ans:- We have below range of products like-

  1. Biometric Time Attendance
  2. Biometric Access Control
  3. Combination of Time Attendance & Access Control
  4. Other

2. Mode of Authentication required?

Ans:-We have various range of products with Multi Mode of Authentication like-

  1. RF Card
  2. Fingerprint
  3. FACE
  4. IRIS
  5. OR Combination of Multi Biometrics

3. For how many users (employees)do you require this device?

Ans:- We have Suitable range of products for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises as given below-

  1. Upto 200 Users >> BioEnable range of Products for Single Location without centralization of Data.
  2. Upto 200<500 >> BioEnable Range of Products for eg :- B20 / Nitgen Products With Multi Location Centralization Possibility.
  3. More than 500 >> Nitgen Range of products.

4. Preferred Mode of Communication Type for connectivity of device?

Ans:- We have Multi mode of Communication Like Wired/ Wireless -

  • LAN
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPRS

5. Battery Back Required?

Ans:-We have Inbuilt Feature for Battery Backup which gives upto 2hrs standby time in Bioenable range of products.

  • YES
  • NO

6. For how many locations required?

Ans:- We have range of products to manage attendance from single location up to 2000 terminals with real time centralization across globe.

  • Single Location
  • Multi location
  • Multi Location with Centralized Data at HO Office

7. For how many Gate points or Entry points?

Ans:- It will help us to Suggest Appropriate Product or model as per the Gate Entry & Exit Points at your Organizations-

  1. Single Gate Point
  • Door Type(Glass / Wooden / Aluminium type)

2. More than 2 Gate Point

  • Door Type(Glass / Wooden / Aluminium type)

8. Do you have Report Generation / Time & Attendance Software, If any?

Ans:-We have below Time & Attendance with Basic Payroll / Report Generation Software like-

  • If YES, please mention the Existing Software and the hardware details you are using.
  • If NO, Please let us know you require Time & Attendance with Basic Payroll Software

Desktop Based / Web Based / Android Based Application.

For More details please contact to our Sales Team Or Please Provide us Your Contact details Our sales team will contact you shortly.

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Mob:- 7410041240 / 8600010820 / 8600106517