Secure Single Sign-on (SSO) Solution

Secure SSO Portal for All Apps

Increment efficiency while keeping information secure. With single sign-on clients just need to enter one bunch of credentials to get to their web applications in the cloud and behind the firewall – by means of work areas, cell phones and tablets.

Single Sign-on arrangement driven secret word security, multifaceted verification, and setting mindful access the executives guarantee that main approved clients gain admittance to delicate information. You can execute seriously requesting secret phrase strategies like required length, intricacy and limitations on secret phrase reuse, just as meeting break and secret key reset self-administration strategy to elevate security without hindering your clients.

Secure, Unified Endpoint Management

WebAuthn desktop is a new type of endpoint management. Users can take advantage of the security profiles of laptops and desktop computers registered in the cloud directory. Once users log in to their security profile with their cloud directory credentials, they can directly access all of their applications through the SSO portal. In other words, once users log in to their operating system, they do not need to log in again to access enterprise applications, freeing up their time while enhancing security!

Multiple Logins

Our single sign-on authentication system allows you to create any number of logins for the same type of application. If you have five WordPress sites or two Google Apps accounts, Trusted Experience Platform™ can access them with one password and one click. If you have different staging and production environments, the multi-login feature can really save time.

FIDO2 compliant server and authenticators

FIDO2 is the general term for the latest specification set of the FIDO Alliance. FIDO2 enables users to easily verify online services in mobile and desktop environments using commonly used devices.

FIDO2 encrypted login credentials are unique on each website, never leave the user's device, and never stored on the server. This security model eliminates the risk of phishing, all forms of password theft, and replay attacks.


WebAuthn is upheld in the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge programs to various degrees, yet support for qualification creation and attestation utilizing a U2F Token, similar to those given by Yubico and Feitian, is upheld by every one of them. The code for this demo can be found here on GitHub. To peruse more with regards to WebAuthn and what is does, look at webauthn guide for a presentation.

FIDO2 compliant server and authenticators




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