Passwordless Authentication

Use passwordless authentication to get more registrations and build trust

Use BioAuth App to easily provide passwordless authentication in your application. It only takes a few minutes.

A lower friction and higher level of security

Over two-thirds of individuals repeat passwords across many sites, making the e-commerce ecosystem increasingly vulnerable. Learn how going passwordless may not only solve these problems, but also make the authentication process more enjoyable.

More Signups

60% of users abandon their registration owing to password issues. So, why not do away with passwords?

Customer Trust

Gain consumer confidence by safely and effortlessly authenticating them

Lesser Cost

Passwords are expensive. Passwordless authentication is seen as the future by 92 percent of enterprises

Using BioAuth, you can provide safe Authentication

Passwordless authentication based on BioAuth is unphishable, making you and your users safer.

Two authentication factors and one authentication method

Using BioAuth-based biometrics to authenticate is the same as using MFA. There is no need for a second authentication step if you only authenticate once.

Enrollment is simple and users are met where they are

When a user tries to log in with a biometric-capable device, progressive enrolment appears, making the move to passwordless easier.

Email and SMS passwordless

Lock Passwordless is an embeddable widget for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices that integrates the best practises for SMS and email authentication.

BioAuth is a service that is

completely password free


Authenticate your users by sending them a Magic Link or an OTP to their email addresses.


Fingerprint, face recognition, and security keys are all options for sophisticated authentication.


Authenticate your users by sending an OTP to their phone numbers.

Social Login

Allow your users to log in using their social accounts such as Apple ID, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Blockchain (Coming Soon)

Encrypt wallets, or areas on the blockchain where value or work is safely held, with public-key cryptography (PKC).

SSO (Coming Soon)

SSO allows you to use a single identity to connect to various online or mobile apps that you run using SAML, JWT, OAuth, and other protocols.

Multi Factor Authentication

Windows App Login with Face Authentication

With your own Visual Identity,

you may create a white label login form.

Password-free authentication solution that is totally customisable and get things done with your own branding.


BioAuth may be customised with your logo, theme, styles, brand colours, and form fields


Bring your consumers closer to your brand by providing them with a memorable experience through your applications.

Custom Interface

Create a unique interface and login page that blends in with the rest of your website.

Platform for Secure and Modern Authentication


From the network to the storage, every layer is secure.


Compliant with several important legislation such as GDPR, CCPA, and so on.

Email Delivery

We collaborated with world-class email infrastructure providers to ensure that your email notifications are not lost.


Provides 99.9% uptime and strong performance under heavy loads.


BioAuth scales with your company and manages unforeseen increases in user load.

Increased Adoption Rates

With no passwords, you can improve user experience and brand loyalty by reducing friction.

What is passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication validates user identities without the need of passwords or other memorised data. Instead, the security team confirms a user's identification by utilising either a "possession factor," which is an object that uniquely identifies the user (for example, a registered mobile device, hardware token, or a created one-time password), or a "inherent factor" (e.g. fingerprint or facial scan). Passwordless authentication, when combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on solutions, may improve user experience, boost security, and decrease the cost and complexity of IT operations.

The Advantages of Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication ensures user identity in a single, robust step. For businesses, this means:

Improved User Experience: To be productive, users no longer need to remember and change complicated password and username combinations. Users may log in faster and with less annoyance using simplified authentication.

Stronger Security Posture: Without user-controlled passwords, there is no password to hack, removing an entire class of vulnerabilities as well as a key source of data breaches.

Total Cost Reduction: Passwords are costly, needing continual monitoring and maintenance by IT workers. By removing passwords, you eliminate the need to issue, secure, rotate, reset, and manage them, as well as minimize the amount of support tickets and free up IT to deal with more critical issues.

IT Control and Visibility: In password-protected systems, phishing, reuse, and sharing are frequent issues. IT regains comprehensive insight into identity and access control with passwordless authentication.