Nitgen T9 Facial Recognition System Includes Face Detection & Recognition System with an embedded tilt camera which automatically adjusts its angle to the user’s facial height level for maximum flexibility.Additional Dual Camera features include an Infra Red Camera and a Colour Camera to allow for vari- able lighting and visibility conditions. Superior Matching Engine using the worlds Top-ranked algorithm in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition)

  • Face Detection & Recognition

  • IR (including IR LED) & Color cameras allow face authentication in darkness

  • 1:1, 1:N Fingerprint authentication, shortcut ID, etc

  • Enhanced Touch Sensitivity with Multi-factor Authentication (Face, Fingerprint, Card, PIN)

  • Dual CPU with Top-ranked algorithm in FVC


User Guide

eNBioAccess-T9_User Manual_1.00_eng_150611.pdf

Time & Attendance Device Integration Software

Access Manager Pro is a fingerprint access control solution that can manage multiple authentication servers for large business. Maximum 2,000 terminals can be managed easily by connecting them to single network and remote control function increases user convenience

Simple Registration of Finger ID Enrollment process through Access Manager Program with following authentication modes available with simple inputs like Basic User Information, Set Authentication Type (Fingerprint + RF Card+Pasword) with OR/ AND combination and Personal Settings

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