BioEnable AI30

AI based Face Recognition Terminal

BioEnable AI30 - Face Recognition Terminal with Access Control System that detects faces with high accuracy. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) support with good performance in high-light, low-light, and back-light environments.

Support capturing a stranger's photo if he appears in the camera and upload photo to software in real time. Support for a lock screen, after locking the screen, the user must touch the screen to activate the system.

Screen Display

Face, Card Capacity

Recognition Distance

Recognition Speed

Touch Screen

Colorful WDR

Access Control

Multi Language

Infrared Live Camera

Support Mask Detection

Support WDR (wide dynamic range) with good performance under strong light, dark light and backlight environment.

Support set face recognition distance :

Close (around 0.5m) , Middle (around 1.5m) , Far (around 2~3m)

Support Lock Screen

After locking screen, user have to touch the screen to active the machine, then do face recognition. If not touch the screen, even if the user stand in front of machine it not recognize face.

Specifications :